Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - J is for Jabès

I'm not usually one that goes for a lot of poetry. I like poetry well enough but I don't just sit down and read it very often. I discovered Edmond Jabès through an essay about him written by Paul Auster.

The Book of Questions is a response to Theodor Adorno's assertion that "one can no longer write poetry after Auschwitz." Jabès' response was that one must. The Book of Questions is basically a midrash on writing. Sorry to use an obscure term but it fits what the book is. It's not really poetry or prose it's a series of questions about writing, sentences, words, white space, etc. that Jabès tries to answer through different methods and forms. It ends up being a series of thought provoking meditations.

In the Paul Auster essay what caught my eye and made me buy the 2 volumes was this quote -
(What difference is there between love and loss? A fricative taken away, two sibilants added. I have lost it forever my lovely v. I got in exchange the cruelest sound.) 

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  1. The day that poetry the day we all do! Interesting book! :)

  2. I had never heard of Adorno's assertion. It's a frighteningly hopeless thought. I agree with DL - poetry is our heartsong and it must continue to sing.