Saturday, April 14, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - M is for Melville

I thought I'd end the week with a heavyweight. Moby Dick is actually one of the books I read in exchange for someone reading Madame Bovary. I love the narration of Ishmael and I love Queequeg among other characters int eh book. Admittedly, Melville's meticulous attention to detail can sometimes cause the book to drag. But overall it's a great book. Someday I'll read more Melville which I think will make another friend of mine happy.

Of course one of the advantages of reading Moby Dick is that the references to it are just that much more enjoyable. One of the recent ones I read that was quite good was Captain Casket's search for the pink whale in Nightbirds on Nantucket. I always appreciate things in books I read to The Girl that she might not get but that I as an adult will.

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  1. i'm not really much of a MOBY DICK fan...mostly because of the style of writing. i can take melville but in small doses. i do agree, though, once you read this book or any book like it a whole world is opened up! :D

  2. I have admittedly never read Moby Dick although it is on my Kindle in my "to read" list. I recently saw the movie. Usually I prefer to read the book first but so far, time has not allowed. Hopefully someday soon...

  3. Just followed you over from the A to Z Challenge blog.
    This week, I watched the Cliff Notes DVD movie of Moby Dick ... one of 40+ on my list of thrillers to watch in an attempt to study the plotting of this genre. Also an excuse to watch movies instead of edit my WIP! Theme: A World of Crime