Saturday, April 21, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - S is for Self and Sebald

Way back at A I talked about 2 of my former favorite living authors now with S we get to my current favorite, Will Self. I originally fell in love with his collections of short stories, Grey Area and Quantity Theory of Insanity whose titular story's theory I often use to describe group dynamics. But it really wasn't until How the Dead Live that he was named my favorite author.
How the Dead Live tells the story of Lily Bloom (Joyce allusion intentional) who dies after a battle with cancer and finds out that the afterlife involves moving to a boring part of London with your spirit guide.

At this point I could tell you how much I love his prose and how it makes me feel like I have a fever. How while I was reading his last book Walking to Hollywood it colored every conversation I had for a fortnight. However, to be honest, I think long and hard before I recommend Will Self to anyone because selfishly I don't want you coming back and telling me you don't like his writing.

I will recommend that you read this review of a film about W. G. Sebald.  What I really wanted to do was link to an extensive excerpt of Will Self's Sebald Lecture I once read but I'm unable to find a suitable link. Much like the reviewer, after reading Will Self's praise of Sebald I suddenly saw Sebald's name everywhere and was compelled to pick up Austerlitz. I have Rings of Saturn as well but I'm waiting for a good time to read it.

I read Austerlitz on the long trip back from Indiana after my grandmother's funeral. A state of affairs that I think only highlighted the dreaminess and meditative qualities of the book. I think I won't say much more but encourage you to read the review and some of the links and watch the trailer for the film as well.

This post is part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. I encourage you to click through and explore some of the links to what other bloggers are doing. 

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