Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge - X is for ProulX

Have you ever had an author you didn't like but yet somehow continually get stuck reading their books either for book club or because you've forgotten you don't like them and someone you trust has thrust a book of theirs into your hands? Annie Proulx is that author for me. I think I've read about 3 of her books. One I think I even ended up reading twice because a bookclub was involved.

I realize I have a picture of a book that won a Pulitzer Prize so obviously my opinion is going to be in the minority. However, I always get the feeling reading her books that she's constantly asking herself, "What would make this story or character more depressing?". Hopefully she isn't actually asking herself that but that feeling that I get as I read ends up making the story feel very artificial to me. And I say this as someone whose favorite living author wrote a book about a guy who wakes up to a world where chimps have won evolution.

So you can put your hate comments below or let me know you agree and we can sit in the corner at parties together when Proulx comes up.

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  1. Nan is a BIG fan of the book you pictured...I tried to read it once, back in the heady first days of our relationship but the writing style was not for me.

    I also commented on your husband's post, being the geek I am, I had no trouble with my "X" post!


  2. It's true, I do really like this book! But I'm no hater...I agree that she did conceive of some truly depressing, bleak and helpless situations for the characters to find themselves in. Still, I pick it up to read and reread. I did try other writings of hers and none of them made the same impression. I vaguely recall liking 'Accordion Crimes' but I've never wanted to pick it up again.
    On another note, I did just start 'Eyre Affair'...I'll let you know about that one!

  3. I've read this and really enjoyed it. I like the thought that books don't always have to be happy to be good.

  4. I've read plenty of unhappy books or sad books. After all to quote Tolstoy - "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." I object to the author making them sad just to make them sad rather than from any natural progression by the character or situation.