Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to Create a Monster aka Giving Dickens a Second Chance

It's been awhile. Things had gotten a bit dusty but new year, new project.

I read Tale of Two Cities in high school and absolutely loathe it. As a result, for a long time I discounted a great deal of 19th century literature as overly dramatic, not very good sop. However, several classes I took in college made me think that at least 19th century literature in France wasn't too shabby. Then I read some British 19th century authors - Austen, Eliot, etc. and noticed I had friends I like and respect who like Dickens. So, for a while now I've been feeling I should give Dickens another try. A friend of mine suggested that we read The Pickwick Papers and maybe we could even convince our respective partners to dole out chapters of it was it was serialized when it was first published. I asked The Husband if he'd be willing to create a schedule and that's when the monster was created -

1. I forwarded him the schedule
2. I said we wanted to read it in 6 months rather than 20. He said ok as long as I blogged about this.
3. I said we wanted to start April 1
4. I was informed on the 29th that I would not be getting a complete reworked schedule because that would not take into account the Victorian mail system.
5. Today I'm told Texas may be a problem in getting installments.
6. Begin to think maybe he's played a few too many role playing games.

In theory we are starting tomorrow. Feel free to join me in giving Dickens a second chance. This is the edition we're using -

Or at least check back and see how unreliable the postal system can be, how frequent shipwrecks were, why Texas could be an issue and if I change my mind about Dickens.