Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 3-5

Well I'll say at least Mr. Ysmal is prompt.

Dear valued subscribers:
We are delighted to bring you the next section of The Pickwick Papers from Charles Dickens.  He's huge in Bulgaria from what we understand.  Enclosed, please find chapters 3-5.
You'll also be relieved to know that we have hired a new distributor for your area: Mr. Olaf Johansson.  However, we already have some concerns.  Mr. Johansson recently went off on a cheese, sausage and beer bender to celebrate Wisconsin's newly established statehood.  Assuming he sobers up in time, you should receive the next installment - chapters 6-8 - on April 19th.
Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal
Managing Editor

Although I'm not sure why anyone in Vermont would be celebrating Wisconsin's statehood. A review of chapters 3-5 will appear once I've read them.

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  1. "cheese, sausage and beer bender" made me laugh out loud!