Monday, April 1, 2013

Pickwick, Vol. I Chapters 1-2

Received this this morning. I feel fairly certain that my former profession is being made fun of. I'll post a review of Chapters 1-2 once read. 
Dear valued subscriber,

We hope you will enjoy the work enclosed: the first two chapters of The Pickwick Papers, a novel by a promising young writer named Charles Dickens (Chazzy D to his homies at the local pub).

Under normal circumstances, you would not receive the next Pickwick installment for another month hence. However, if you respond now, within the next 30 minutes through this special, one-time, available-only-by-telegram offer, you will receive chapters 3-5 on April 10th, give or take.

We apologize for any delays you may experience in the coming weeks. Our local distributor in your area recently ran off with some chap named David Crockett to an exotic land of mystery called Texas. His most recent postcard was from a sketchy looking resort known as The Alamo. We fear the worst. Efforts to find a temporarily replacement are well underway but, as yet, unsuccessful.

Best regards,
Aaron B. Ysmal, MBE Managing Editor

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