Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 9-11

Most of this installment concerned the chase to stop Mr. Jingle from running off with Rachael Wardle. I'm fairly certain Mr. Jingle was hoping to be paid off the whole time however, Miss Wardle seemed disappointed.

Once they returned to Dingley Dell they discovered that Mr. Tupman had already left, so the remaining Pickwickians left to find him. Before he leaves, Mr. Pickwick is given a story about a mad man by the rector. Chapter 11 ends with this story that Mr. Pickwick decides to read on a sleepless night. The book so far has had about 3 of these stories. As if Dickens liked the stories but realized they couldn't quite be integrated into a novel so he has other characters tell or read the stories. Or it could be more a matter of Dickens being paid by the word.

This installment also introduces Sam Weller who I know from what I've read about the book caused subscriptions to increase once he was introduced. He plays a smallish part in this installment but I know this isn't the last we'll see of him.

I guess there was a lot in these chapters. It also relates the story of a stone that Mr. Pickwick finds with indecipherable markings. Mr. Pickwick takes it for something from ancient times and most scholars agree with him to spite other scholars who do not think it's so ancient.

Overall fun stories, good read still. Looking forward to the next installment and to see if another state has joined the union. Although since subscriptions go from 1,000 for the first installment to 40,000 for the last, I think Mr. Johansson is getting a little busier.

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