Friday, June 28, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 27-28

 I thought Mr. Ysmal's missives deserved an illustration as well.

Dear valued subscribers,

Enclosed, please find chapters 27 and 28 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Paper.  Your next issue should arrive on July 4th, to include chapters 29-31.

We're told that's a bank holiday in your parts/time stream so you might expect some delay.

Congratulations on your new President (our time stream, your country - it's all so confusing!).  We hear good things about Mr. Van Buren.

Best regards,

A.B. Ysmal

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 21-26

Victorian Web
This section starts off where our last one left off with the old man telling the story of Heyling. But soon, well sort of soon resumes the pursuit of Mr. Jinks. There's a rather unfortunate matter of Mr. Pickwick going into the wrong room at the inn and surprising unwittingly the intended of the rather kind gentleman he'd had dinner with that night.

This of course leads to another court case which fortunately ends well with a hot lead on Mr. Jinks.

Victorian Web
Not to mention Mr. Weller gets his revenge to some degree as well. Everyone returns to London and Mr. Weller pays a visit to Mrs. Bardell to discover how serious she might be about this lawsuit.

I'm finding the additional stories a little tiring but the main action is rather interesting. Mr. Weller is developing into a much sneakier and satisfying character. I hope he can rescue Mr. Pickwick from his predicament with Mrs. Bardell.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol 1 Chapters 24-26

The next installment arrived before I'd finished the last. The dangers of picking up Umberto Eco. So a double review will arrive shortly but in the mean time the missives evolve.

Dear valued subscribers:
Enclosed, please find chapter 24-26 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  Just spent the day with Dear Old Dad and he was telling me about a chum of his - fellow named Darwin - who just got back from a magnificent seafaring adventure.  Dad was hoping I could set the man up with a publisher...
Your next issue should arrive on June 25th, to include chapters 27 and 28.
Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 21-23

Dear valued subscribers:
Enclosed, please find chapters 21-23 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  Humblest apologies for the delay.  Our printer is located in Verona and delivery was delayed by a health quarantine in Mantua. 
Your next issue should arrive on June 16th, to include chapters 24-26.
Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal
Mr. Ysmal has been helping out with a production of Romeo and Juliet, hence the delay in the next installment. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 18-20

Victorian Web
So, Mrs. Bardell, disappointed that Mr. Pickwick took on Sam Weller instead of proposing to her is suing Mr. Pickwick for misleading her. Sam Weller proves his worth in the lawyer's office by extricating Mr Pickwick before he gets hit with too many other lawsuits. It's interesting to see that even Victorian London had ambulance chaser lawyers.

While consoling Mr. Pickwick they run into Sam Weller's father who has a lead on Mr. Jingle. Torn between seeing his lawyer and chasing after Mr. Jingle, Mr. Pickwick ends up drinking and telling stories with his lawyer's clerk. And this installment instead of ending with a story, ends with someone about to tell a story about Gray's Inn (where all the solictors are in London).

A good installment. I enjoyed the scene at the lawyers the most. Lots of foreshadowing in the clerk and lawyer's treatment of poor fellow who came in to settle his lawsuit only to find that a few other had been added and thus he would need far more money to end it. Hopefully Sam can help keep him out of trouble.