Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 18-20

Victorian Web
So, Mrs. Bardell, disappointed that Mr. Pickwick took on Sam Weller instead of proposing to her is suing Mr. Pickwick for misleading her. Sam Weller proves his worth in the lawyer's office by extricating Mr Pickwick before he gets hit with too many other lawsuits. It's interesting to see that even Victorian London had ambulance chaser lawyers.

While consoling Mr. Pickwick they run into Sam Weller's father who has a lead on Mr. Jingle. Torn between seeing his lawyer and chasing after Mr. Jingle, Mr. Pickwick ends up drinking and telling stories with his lawyer's clerk. And this installment instead of ending with a story, ends with someone about to tell a story about Gray's Inn (where all the solictors are in London).

A good installment. I enjoyed the scene at the lawyers the most. Lots of foreshadowing in the clerk and lawyer's treatment of poor fellow who came in to settle his lawsuit only to find that a few other had been added and thus he would need far more money to end it. Hopefully Sam can help keep him out of trouble.

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