Sunday, July 28, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 32 and 33

The chapter where Mr. Pickwick goes to visit the medical students to take some punch and hear some tales. Followed by the chapter where Sam Weller sends a valentine, visits his father and goes to a temperance meeting. And helps his father exact vengeance on Rev. Stiggins, who is not very sober. This mostly just a prelude to the trial that's coming up hopefully next installment.

I do think this is the way to read at least The Pickwick Papers, if not all of Dickens. It gives me time in between to read other things, knit a sweater and go on vacation. I think I'd begin to view the book as tedious if I were reading straight through.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol 1 Chapters 32 and 33

Well at least now we know why it's taking so long to get installments and why we're only getting 2 chapters this time.

Dear valued subscribers,

Enclosed, please find chapters 32 and 33 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  Your next issue should arrive on August 1st, to include chapters 34-36.  You may be interested in another Dickens serial just released, a charming, uplifting tale entitled Oliver Twist.

Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal

Monday, July 22, 2013

Review of Pickwick Papers Vol 1 Chapters 29-31

Victorian Web
 This installment involved 3 distinct stories.

The first is the goblin story, which was very much like A Christmas Carol. Well except about a poor sexton rather than a rich man and the ending is a little strangers.

The second - Mr. Pickwick goes skating but not before he berates Mr. Winkle for being a fraud. Once again Mr. Winkle has pretended to be able to do something he can't. Before this takes place we meet a couple of medical students. I think Dickens may have thought less of medical students than he did lawyers which is saying something.

The third - After he and all of his friends are served with subpoenas, Mr. Pickwick visits his lawyers and we meet the lead lawyer in the case who promptly shuttles everything to the junior lawyer.

All in all, keeping the story moving. Some of the installments seem a little strange to me since I would have thought they'd be a little more cohesive but that's not always the case.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 29-31

 A very belated arrival to the next installment.

Dear valued subscribers,

With humblest apologies for the late delivery, enclosed please find chapters 29-31 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  Unfortunately, wagon troubles on a recent westward holiday have been a preoccupation.  Your next issue should arrive on July 23rd, to include chapters 32 and 33.

We are most impressed by your newest state, a magical land called Michigan.  A genius repairman in Marquette rescued our journey from irreparable disaster.

Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal

Monday, July 1, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Vol. 1 Chapters 27-28

It's Christmas time. And really who better to render Victorian Christmas better than Dickens?

via Victorian Web

Two quick chapters for this installment that promises the tale of goblins in the next. The first chapter Mr. Weller pays his filial duty to his pa and gives him some advice about the dubious minister his mother-in-law (step mother to you and me) has taken up with.

The second chapter brings us to Mr. Wardle's with a wedding and Christmas festivities. Love is in the air everywhere. And Sam Weller attempts to reform Joe, Mr. Wardle's sleepy and gluttonous servant.

Overall I was rather reminded of the general feeling of a Doctor Who Christmas special. Which is not a bad thing during the rather wet and humid summer we're currently having.