Monday, August 26, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Chapters 37-42

A surprisingly large amount of things to cover.  Mr. Pickwick sends Sam Weller to find Mr. Winkle and tell him to stop being a coward. In turn Mr. Winkle finds Miss Allen to prevent her from marrying one of those no good medical students. Well, it's not as noble as that it's really Mr. Winkle who wants to marry Miss Allen.
Mr. Pickwick insists on helping Mr. Winkle. And then we change to Mr. Pickwick going to debtors prison. Quite a place to say the least. I sort of admire Mr. Pickwick for taking a stand and refusing to pay the money from the frivolous lawsuit of Mrs. Bardell. I also realize that this gives Dickens to give us a chance to see how horrible debtor's prison in. However, I also can't help but agree with Sam Weller and view this whole thing as being a little ridiculous and unnecessary at least for Mr.Pickwick.

Overall nice plot movement. I forgot to tell you the most important thing, Mr. Jingle has shown up once again to take advantage of Mr. Pickwick. Well Mr. Pickwick let's himself be taken advantage of.

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