Monday, September 16, 2013

Review Pickwick Papers Chapters 46-48

First some housekeeping -

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Enclosed, please find chapters 46-48 of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  The next installment should arrive by September 21st, to include chapters 49-51.

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Hard to believe only 2 installments left. At least that's what I'm assuming since I have the advantage of the space-time continuum. I've been listening to quite a few of The Dead Authors Podcasts recently which seem to fit in with this whole theme of reading Dickens as if I'd subscribed to it. I've enjoyed all I've listened to but was particularly impressed with the Gore Vidal one.

Victorian Web

Anyway, back to Pickwick. In this installment Mrs. Bardell goes for a pleasant tea with friends. While at it her lawyers arrive on most urgent business and carry her off. Unfortunately for Mrs. Bardell the most urgent business was their fees. Since Mr. Pickwick hasn't paid them it fell to Mrs. Bardell to and she is thrown in the debtor's prison Mr. Pickwick is currently in.

Sam, being the smartest one in the book aside from the lawyers, immediately sends Job to Mr. Pickwick's lawyers to inform them of the development. The lawyer arrives the next morning to convince him to pay his fees and get both him and Mrs. Bardell out of debtor's prison. Mr. Pickwick is unconvinced until Mr. Winkle arrives with his new bride, Arabella Allen Winkle, and charges Mr. Pickwick with convincing his bride's brother that the marriage is a good one.

Turns out Mr. Allen had been hoping his sister would marry Mr. Sawyer so they could both have her money. But Sam Weller and Mr. Pickwick prevail in convincing them Mr. Winkle is a worth choice with the help of Mr. Allen's aunt. The installment ends as we're about the hear another story this time by a friend of Tom Smart's.

Part of me is happy the lawyer's fees will not hurt Mr. Pickwick and part of me wishes the lawyers would just land everyone in this book in debtor's prison and be done with it. However, with 2 installments to go, I'll continue to lean more in the first camp.

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  1. I didn't realize you were so close on your reading challenge. You should have a couple of months to spare. Higher goal for 2014?