Monday, September 2, 2013

The Pickwick Papers Chapters 43-45 with Review

Labor Day Weekend no new installment of Pickwick Papers so I wrote a note to Mr. Ysmal -
Dear Mr. Ysmal,

Can you please inform us when the next installment of our subscription to The Pickwick Papers will arrive? I'm afraid that you and your staff may have been partaking of too much Worcester Sauce.

Best regards,

Bentobox Moldyspore
He was kind enough to reply -

Dear Mrs. Moldyspore,
I offer my humblest apologies for the delay in bringing you the latest installment of Mr. Dickens's Pickwick Papers.  We were unexpectedly enlisted to help with Queen Vicki's big move into Buckingham Palace.  If only there were some better system for finding and assembling affordable furniture.  We hear the Swedes are cooking up an idea.  Anytime this century would be great, Ingvar!

Enclosed, please find chapters 43-45.  The next delivery should arrive by September 10th, to include chapters 46-48. 

Best regards,
A.B. Ysmal
Victorian Web

I started reading as soon as I received the installment. Mr. Pickwick is still in debtor's prison. Sam Weller hatches up a scheme with his dear old Pa and gets himself put into debtor's prison as well so he can be close to Mr. Pickwick.

Sam Weller's family comes to visit him in prison along with his step mother's preacher. Certainly get the feeling that Dickens was not fond of religion. 

The trio of Pickwickian Idiots arrive for a visit. Mr. Winkle is a little put out that Sam is now in prison as he was counting on his help for a certain mission.

It's hard to believe there's only about 200 pages left. Since this isn't a post modern novel I'm doubtful that the last scene will contain Mr. Pickwick still in prison but we shall see.

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