Sunday, June 22, 2014

First of hike of 2014 wherein we get to the top of Mount Mansfield and on the way down vow to never hike again but only ramble.

I'm going to do hiking posts this year in sort of a 5/5 format. Which means 5 photos and 5 minutes of writing. Well at least for me.

On the way up as I usually do I start to think about what I'll write about in the blog post. I had some pretty lofty idea about things changing even though they seemingly stay the same. And thought about talking about recent trip to New York where we walked around the city for miles and I was going to go into a recent radio program I listened to about writing and walking related to Bloomsday that included a walk with one of my favorite authors, Will Self. But things changed as the hike progressed. I wanted to talk about the sea of green in hiking and how you have to look for changes just like walking around New York presented me with so many changes since I was last there.

One piece of advice I'd like to give is never listen to kindly old women at entrances to state parks who do not inform you that the hike she suggests for you is rated very difficult going up and merely difficult coming down. She should have at least asked if we had hiked yet this summer. At the same time we should have known better. Or really I should have known better and not let The Girl's pleas to accomplish going up Mt. Mansfield tug at my heartstrings while not remembering The Husband's fear of heights. And I should have remembered that it is far more difficult to go down rather than go up and if I was already having problems going up, it should have been a sign.

But we did it, we hiked to the Chin and hiked back down. Now after I recover fully, I will relisten to the radio program and think more about rambles in urban areas or hikes labeled Easy, for at least awhile.

Quick stats - 5.4 miles round trip best I can tell somewhere around a 2,000' climb.

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  1. I'm not sure we actually made it to the Chin, but I'm willing to tell people we did. We certainly went as high as I ever intend to go.

    Easier hikes - sounds good.